His Kiss

My perfect kiss.

So perfect and tender, as soft as a warms sea breeze on a hot evening in Valencia. It powdered through my mouth and nourished deep inside my soul. Lips so beautifully plump and with a life of new pinkness, so pure and delicate. The sensation of feeling them press gently overlapping onto mine, lushly moist and tasteful. The desire and profound energy that exerted through my body from this most exhilirated kiss. The most mindful experience iv ever had. His face more than beautiful, a distinctness that separated him far apart from any other. His big new eyes, the light that shone from within him. The warm graceful touch of his hands on top of mine, the way he touched so delicately stroking my face, so smooth, soft and gentle. An aura of love that emanated around us both. My eyes closed, i take a deep breath, smiling. My perfect kiss.

By Mikki Jones

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