Expressing ourselves

6 am my day off and my mind knows this is ‘me time’ and assumes 5 hours sleep is plenty. Yawn! Two cups of caffeine fuel later after doing a little reading I find myself looking at learning books and getting an urge to maybe go shopping for a crazy new outfit I see in my head. Now instead of jumping straight into the shower and heading off into town to go to the shops, I sit back, relax and really think about my feelings more and why it is that I want this? Why do I feel this urge inside of me to learn something new and go buy a new piece of clothing. That’s when it hit me that it isn’t really about the shopping, its about trying to express my thoughts and feelings right now through visualization so everyone can see and feel it too.


We all get this urge at random moments to maybe draw, learn something new or buy a new fucked up outfit if that. It is at these moments when we are truly feeling strong senses and emotions and we have a need to address this. We as humans don’t really express ourselves through words, we think our feelings and become so much in touch with them to such an extent that we have to do something to show that. So whereas I might want to make a certain type of clothing or draw something new, it is through visualization that we put our thoughts and emotions into a reality. This is how we connect with others and show who we really are deep down. We have this need to create something, to bring out this empowering emotions to allow other’s to connect with us. We connect on a deeper level through our eyes and imagination.


It is through visualization that we connect with people, we find it easier to show how we feel by drawing it or wearing it. It is harder for absolutely everybody to understand just exactly what you feel on an emotional level through words alone. We have to express ourselves physically so people can see it, read it and understand it too. We find more like-minded people when we truly address ourselves as who we are.



We have this need to express ourselves which causes our creative outbursts. You get this strong ardent inside of you that you just cant ignore, you have to do something/make something. It is this feeling inside that needs to branch out, the feelings of excitement or pain that we feel so deeply are what we need to do something with. It is our urge to turn whats going on inside of us and let the firework explode bang and sparkle on our outside for all to see. We create when we feel for ourselves, we do it mainly for ourselves because we are more in touch with who we are, so when we get these sudden urges we need to manifest them everywhere and onto everyone we come into contact with. It is our way of feeling what we so truly feel and being so much in touch with that, that we project it onto others in the hope that more people start expressing themselves more. We feel through our energies and we create energy through creativeness.

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