I wanted to write something beautiful

I’m growing. We are growing. I can feel my soul being lifted to a higher place. This epic enthralling destiny inside so strong is casting spells around.

My energy hovers above like a bird as I flap my new found wings and enter this beautiful new world. I start to see in a new light, rising higher and higher. I gather the attention of those on a lowness, hopeful to make them smile. Maybe a little happiness is all they need.

Guide them the way into the beautiful path of angels. We are all rising as one, turbo engines glisten from our feet that channels an aura outside of us. All together now. We are reaching higher, can you feel it? Let us come peacefully and whole heartedly together now.

Do you ever gaze out of that condensated window, notice the birds so peacefully happy and contented. I feel like a bird, sometimes. The new life is here now and we are all gently gravitating towards it.

The world is changing life it is growing. I finally understand the skies. We are all our own magical stars. The dark frosty nights are becoming brighter. We are lighting up the sky. Each night we will see more of these spiritual stars, it is us, we, rising and coming together as one. We refuse to fight any longer. We forge all anger, fear and hatred with a compassionate deep love. We are forgiving, we love, we wont judge. Notice the world around you changing, we are becoming one together, all of us.


I originally wrote this beginning of this year. I only stumbled across it today whilst sorting my room out. I was at Costa coffee at like 6-3o am one Saturday morning. Before I started to write anything, like usual check my horoscopes. Then smelling the fresh scent of heavenly tasting coffee I decide to take sips at my cup. I’m still a little sleepy but I am so happy on this day. My morning eyes stare strong  outside the window. I love it this early, no-one else is here, the car park in front of me is almost empty. The only thing I had written on my piece of paper so far was ‘I want to write something beautiful’. More than twenty birds appeared in front of the window, flying. They stay for ages, I’m in amazement and don’t take my eyes of them. They are not here for food. I am overwhelmed by their presence, its seems like such a magical thing to happen. Yeah I know its early morning and they’re birds, but it had meaning for me, I saw it as something so small and little to happen yet I somehow got so much enjoyment from this experience. I see birds every day but this was different.



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