My plan to make no plans

Unless you go to work full time, then rush home cook dinner and spend/waste all evening infront of the T.V or on your smart phone checking social media, then maybe introducing a plan to not do that boring dull stuff would maybe advantageous. My plan changed since spending 4 weeks away leisurely in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. Before taking this trip away I had set plans ALL THE TIME! I would go to work mon-fri, after working I would come home take my dog for a walk, then either go to the gym/body pump class/work-out dvd/swimming. My whole working week was taken up with work, walking and extra exercise based activities. Then the weekend would hit and that’s when I would concentrate on my passion.

The first 3 months doing this were great! I never procrastinated, ever! But then it all went wrong. I started to become disheartened in all of those areas I was in. I got zero pleasure out of any of it. I couldn’t be bothered. It all became a chore. I’d have days like on Mondays when I would go to body pump, the sun always came out on Mondays ! The weather being beautiful would make my heart  want to go for a lovely stroll outdoors to enjoy it. But because I had my plans and never procrastinated I continued with body pump. I would then also have days through the week whilst being at work get some really good ideas for new posts or poems, I would take notes of these and when I arrive home put those notes aside saved for the weekend and crack on with more fitness? I know it doesn’t make any sense me saying this now, but I honestly thought that making plans and not procrastinating were the way forward, to begin with this was a thrill and a buzz, it worked, my energy levels soared, I was finally doing things that made me happy.

Whilst making the plans in the beginning are a big YES to get it all started, you obviously want this enough to make the plan. This is great. But then after the plan becoming a force of habit it really does turn into a chore, the same as your alarm going off every morning to go to work.

Getting yourself into that state of being that you so desperately want to see more of is just the start. It took for me to spend 4 weeks away alone to completely stop planning. I exercised when I really wanted to, when my energy was naturally high and I wanted it to become higher. I didn’t force myself to work out when I was deprived of energy, I did it when I felt great enough to do so.  On the days where I would feel inspired by the fresh colourful scenery and wanted to write about it, that is when I wrote. Even my meal times changed, I stopped eating at all of these different times because ive basically been forced to have set meal times. I ate when I was hungry end of. I even ate less due to not being forced into a fucked up eating system. My style of music ranges from one extreme to another, I listened to what I felt went with how I was feeling at that moment. Whatever I wanted to do is what I did.

What I have truly realised through this is to listen to your body, always. I have heard this said so many times when it comes to food and exercise, but it has a deeper meaning. If you have a sudden urge or pull to go start writing a book just do it. Follow what your true self is calling you to do. Be guided with it. It might be work out Wednesday or Chinese take-out Saturday, just listen to your hearts desire, fuel that first. Listen to your body more. Accept sometimes you will want a lazy day with popcorn, you will want a hike in the mountains, you will want inspiration, you will want you to create. Don’t ignore yourself, chase your dreams and desires, if you continue to ignore them you will more than likely burn out (and I don’t just mean through exercise). Life shouldn’t be a chore or bore, it is meant for greatness, happiness and most of all a life that truly makes your heart smile.

Any personal tips for what makes you happy or how you get around making all this work? Would love to hear others’ tips 🙂

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