Breathless baby

When you feel your love from a distance. Telepathy sentient kisses from afar. My breath feels lighter, I can see your smile. My chubby cheeks blush as you gaze into my eyes. 97% of me knows this is real. I feel my hair compassionately touched. I know this is real, literally praying the remaining 3% doesn’t land me in a mental institution lol. Your sexiness when you’re horny at night awakens me to play. I feel the pleasure on a soulful level, no physical touch, how do you have that power? I feel more connected from our separated distance. How our ties grew stronger I will never know. I saw you that night you astral projected to my room. I know you’ve visited a lot, I feel the force.

How? WHY do I feel you more than any other? No physical connection but so in tune. I feel your breath on my neck, I see your smiles and eyes light up in my face, I know when you’re horny, I feel you touch my hair. In a room full of people I could not achieve this feeling of complete connectedness.

” she doesn’t know if she feels light or heavy, has the strength to move or strength to rest. He kisses her forehead before she goes to sleep each night, his eyes light up her tiredness. The rose blush of chubby plump cheeks, she feels as though she’s come back home. She feels his caress on the top of her hair, even if miles so far have separated physical distance. He cries while she mourns, he’s horny when she feels sexy, he laughs when she smiles, nothing to compare. A connection so strong cannot be cut. He lives his world in her soul. He astral travels whilst she sleeps, in her blissful heavenly state her eyes opened, she knew someone was trying to connect. At the bottom of her bed there he stands, he notices her stronger forward glance. He see’s he has her attention and he smiles and waving his arms from side to side. Her sleepy dreamful state has snapped back to the norm and his visual presence disappears, she knows he is still there. ‘I love you’ she whispers, ‘I’ll love you forever’. They speak through dreams. They are telepathically in tune with each other. A bond so strong, love is found. In her dream state is where he communicates most, his everlasting arousing sexual lust awakens her playful mind, the self fulfilling pleasure takes longer than usual as they are to climax together. Soulfully they are together, each of them couldn’t explain the inter connectedness that resides in them both. A pleasure so deep, no physical experience could ever compare. She has no need to miss him, he’s always there.

She’s reminded of his love wherever she goes. ‘I love you’ cards have followed her paths. On days when she feels less than beautiful she will be chased down streets just to be reminded of her pretty. A twin flame relationship once shattered the stars. She wasn’t ready back then, torn apart. A love, a feeling so strong scared them both. The phase of her inner years of work wont be long, she prays for blessings around him and hopes he is happy. There’s no doubt in her mind that this is just a phase, connected souls are for eternity, they’re never apart. An understanding of lessons for them both to embark. She holds faith a reunion will one day happen. A divine trust in the universe they can never be torn apart. Miles away, countries afar, our souls forever one connected by hearts”.

I cant explain what has been happening in my life the past 6 months because its pretty crazy, I don’t understand it myself but so much is coming back to my own personal understanding. I kept hearing church bells. I had a dream of me and my twin flame as I was sat in the church whilst the bells rang. I’ve since this dream picked up an ornament at home which id had no idea had a bell in it. Then at the gym in the subtitles the word ‘bells’. This has been going on now for 6 months maybe? So this evening I decided to go for a walk, haven’t walked this route for over half a year and got a feeling to go so I did. As I got closer to the shop I was going to the church bells rang, the time was 20:20. Tears appeared on my face, not sad nor happy, just following my inner guidance. Instead of going straight into the shop I carried on walking thinking maybe my sign would be there, what do these bells mean, the signs were getting stronger as I’d not made sense of them as of yet. I stand outside but see nothing that means anything. I walk back to go to the shop, I cross the road, a car with it headlights on shines on a house number *33*, this number has none stop been following my paths for the last 6 months if not more. And then I cried again, I knew my twin flame, I knew it wasn’t by chance that we met, and when I saw 33, which I resonate with the holy trinity I knew it was me and my twin flame and maybe our shared higher self being the holy trinity? I cant explain or put into words the journey I’ve been on in the past year, I know my twin is coming back, I can feel it, I can feel so much love it is ridiculous. I know my story doesn’t end just here, and I know as I keep moving through life the pieces will come together. I am not forcing anything to happen, I’m just trusting and following the divine that I am that is within me. A few weeks back I wanted to understand more of the ‘I AM’, there are all these ‘I am rich and wealthy’ statements, not one of these resonates with me so I never felt them enough to say them. After doing some research on the ‘I AM’, that same day every person who popped into my head, every person I saw, I said in my own pretty mind ‘I AM THE LOVE THAT IS WITHIN YOU, I AM’. My life has changed, I don’t know the power behind these words and I’m sure I’m going to learn a lot of exciting things along the way. Saying this statement to each and every soul is the true essence of oneness. Only when we accept ourselves and other souls of our truest form of that which is love, and see them through those godly eyes of love that is within each of us, ALL OF US, I still cant make sense of it, my awakening started (that I’m aware of) in 2015, two years later and I know the true meaning of oneness, sorry not ”know”….I FEEL.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about twin flames its that time and space doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter If I never have a physical connection with him as we are always connected. If I had never met him I wouldn’t of been made aware of how much escaped all of emotions and covered and wrapped them up in my addictions. Having him in my life made my life seem easier, but it wasn’t, I was escaping my own feelings and this came to light when we separated and sad times started to happen. I realised how much I’d escaped myself a few months later when my grandma passed. I then also started to see the role I’d played in my shitty relationships, the abuse I’d caused myself. I’d had a lot of trauma to deal with after his leave but I also gained an immense amount of personal strength. I’d travelled to 2 different countries solo, I’d set up a website, blog and ecommerce store. I had the strength to quit jobs that I couldn’t stand, walked away from drugs (not completely, but definitely mentally stronger). I hit all of these emotional lows but the highs inexplicably took over, I’m not sure what this means, I hope I continue to rise through the eyes of my soul. I thank myself for following my guidance system and listening to that gorgeous beat of a heart instead of outside sources. I thank my twin for being there and helping me through it on a different level. I will love him forever as he is me also, I hope you too realise you are love, you are the love that is within each and evry soul on our planet. Choose love. Peace. Namaste.

12 thoughts on “Breathless baby

  1. I read about this week’s ago but still find it hard to understand. As some say it’s someone already in your life or someone you have met and not ready to be in a relationship with and others say that you may never meet this person but they will always be with you. It’s a lovely magical thought but I don’t think I have felt so passionately about someone in this way. It’s strange as people talk so much about ‘soul mates’ but never the twin flame. Loved the writing at the beginning was that your own work? Beautiful x


    • Yes completely my own writing hunny. Twin flame is so different to s9ul mates, it’s mad that there is no such thing as distance when you meet this person and I really mean that, it’s a spiritual feeling and you just always know they are with you. I’ve felt like I’ve been in such a little dream land the past few months. I really hope you have this feeling one day sweetie, I know what you have been through and we usually experience hardship before this comes into play. I don’t think anyone can explain in words the feeling, you just know it’s so different than any relationship ever before, more than family members etc. I hope you are OK. Xxxxxxx


  2. If this person makes you feel this way I hope you can be together one day. I have been on a few dates and trust me they have been nothing to write about! But I’m at the stage where I’m not settling for second best. I believe a soul mate can be anybody a friend or relative, you don’t have to be together romantically. But reading on twin flames to me that’s what you want in a partner. It’s just the passion I suppose rather than the romantic side of it all


    • I was exactly the same! Had the shit and refuse to settle for anything less. It’s true what they say you and your twin flame share the same higher self, so inner work is needed. Send love to yourself and them, even if you don’t know them yet. You’ve already stated you won’t settle for less , that’s an act of self love itself xxxxxx


  3. If you have met this person I hope he is worthy of you after all the hurt you have had. My ex partner is now having a baby with someone after 3 months of being ‘serious’. People try to tell me he’s made a mistake and is sorry and wishes everything was different. It’s sad, as it’s what I wanted and now he feels trapped. But everything happens for a reason. My time will come and I will feel what real true love feels like 🙂


  4. Hi Vanilla-Culture, I just want to say, I love your post about twin flames.
    Alot of it I can relate to. I had my awakening back on 2010, shortly after that I was led to learn about twin flames, became more conscious of everything, and started receiving messages, songs, and writings. About 7 years passed and finally this past December of 2016 I had met, who I believe to be my own twin flame. Totally took me by surprise as I thought I had given up on the whole “love thing” for good. He showed up out of know where, completely helped turn me around, and now, he is all I see. It seems so crazy at times to think I would be willing wait an eternity for him, if I had to. Just the connection alone is something I’m still working on trying to fully accept. So, I wish you all the best on your journey, Peace💞


    • I love this comment Jennifer! !! It’s so inspiring to hear of other people’s stories! And also to know I’m NOT CRAZY ahaha. Bless you on your journey too, I love knowing more and more of us have tuned into a world of pure unconditional love (note. Not as easy as it sounds, trying is all that matters and belief it can happen) Lots of love sweety 💖


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