Twin Love

I don’t believe in ‘running’ or ‘chasing’ within the twin flame relationship. I trust that when someone leaves my life it is for the better good for BOTH included, and the chasing? I feel that’s more you feel as though you need this person to complete you because without them you are not whole, when in fact you ARE! This relationship was sent to help you grow. To knock away the old and build on the new within for yourself.

The twin opened you up to all of your blockages, they then left you tear away and dispose of those hurtful broken pieces. The love you pine is the love that you are bit by bit fixing, this love will continue to grow stronger as you wash away the dirt and open your heart to the love YOU are giving yourself. You will hold a very special place in your heart for your twin forever. That unconditional love will carry on growing as you move through your spiritual journey.

My idea of twin flame love (pining, maybe longing)

  • You will love them eternally as through meeting and separating you saw all your bad, you nurtured that into healing love and within each part healing your love of SELF expands. How is possible to not love he who opened this love within you?
  • They were 1st to show you real love. Nothing materialistic was ever needed for this connection, it was completely spiritual. Just their presence was always more than enough for you.
  • If it weren’t for them you would have never broken down all those barriers. They made this visible to yourself and that’s a beautiful gift. They have been your saviour in healing and expansion into a more loving realm.
  • They taught you the love of self, with each part you have healed for you, you have achieved even greater love which you are now capable of sharing with the world. Your love for them has helped you to love who you are, and you now can experience love with other beings too! The love that has always been in your heart was projected back to you by meeting them, you are capable of love. If it weren’t for this divinely guided ‘meet’ , would your ascension process to oneness still be the same? Through meeting your twin you’ve realised how much you CAN love. What a beautiful blessing ❤
  • When twins are together all that exists is the eyes, nothing else matters, no need to look elsewhere, you know you’ve been seen for you really are. I think this is a big one, as all we seek is to be seen for who we are, not our outside beauty, clothes or cars etc, we all just want to be seen for who we are on the inside. Our twin showed us that this is possible in life, and maybe sometimes the ‘chaser’ wants more of this. If you are a chaser i’d advise spending more time with people on the same level as you.
  • I completely get the creative urgency within this relationship too! It is mega extra charged through the love felt between you both. Your creations will more so reflect the love you felt because this energy can be sparkled and played with.
  • They left and you saw a whole new you, as sad as it may be, you found all this inner strength and charged ahead releasing your true potential. With all those blockages there is sure to be so much strength whilst you wisp away and become lighter and freeing in your being.
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you aren’t meant to be together that’s perfect too! They showed you the love that you’d been searching and I believe with all my heart that parts of them changed through meeting you too. Don’t ever feel that this is one sided. A guided plan to love and support BOTH of you.

If your twin never left would you be where you are now? Unconditional love has no conditions, the love stays forever, if this really is twin love you don’t need physical contact as you already feel that connection on a level so deep you couldn’t explain. The spiritual connection holds more than anything in the 3d could, your awareness of love never being cut holds more to you than ever before. I feel this is why meet them, all we have on beautiful planet earth to give is love, and feeling this unconditional love for one person has helped us into that same feeling to give to all other humans, animals and our planet too. Try not to hold expectations and attachments to this one person, bring more love to the self, and allow yourself to radiate to the outer world. We only have love, that’s all we came for. Open yourself up to this love and express it to all your surroundings.

I read somewhere that those who’ve suffered most trauma are more likely to experience the twin flame relationship. This is why I believe in more than just the law of attraction and ‘like attracts like’ and vice versa. I believe for each soul out there, no matter how difficult life may seem, the light that poured through that darkness was divinely holy guided into your life to help you. There is something, maybe lots of things that are just trying to show you love and are heavenly sent to help.

I drew a very close bond with archangel Michael last summer. I’d go into the wilderness at 8pm, sit on the grass verge and communicate whilst the smell of trees filled my lungs. One night I was there I spoke to him, I asked him to show me he was with me, a big gush of wind followed, I then asked for my hair to be touched, a gentle breeze from one side of my body had tickled the hairs on my right side. Being so still in the 3D world I was like it COULD just be wind. I carried on walking as the darkness settled in. I saw a moth on my travels and said out loud, ‘archangel Michael I want you to show me you are with in the form of wings but bigger than a moth’. I went to the shop before heading home, i’d completely forgotten what i’d ask, i’d just finished walking through the tunel, and there the beautiful presence of my angel awaits. A bat! A beautiful bat circles me for more than 3 minutes, continuously flying around me and not leaving. It had been more than 4 years since id seen a bat, I was expecting maybe a bird or a butterfly, I think the angels know I’m hard to please and want to be sure, they showed me though. I’ve never known of a bat to circle around humans for the length of time this did, I was so overwhelmed, I cried as usual, its so magical. I love opening my heart to the unknown, you never know what mystical treasures are awaiting.

The divine showed me truth this day, whenever called upon they will show you what you ask. They want to help you. I believe in miracles, I believe in millions of spiritual hearted souls on different realms being able to communicate, to love us and help us. A lot of people aren’t open to this kind of stuff. Try to draw a connection, ask aloud a question and to be shown, and be specific, you’ll never feel alone again, you will realise you never were.



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