Inner demon of love

I miss you every night whilst I cry myself to sleep,
Longing to feel what you saw deep inside of me.
Yearning your touch your sweet presence,
A heart echoes my soul she calls.
Why didn’t I believe it’s true, the love I lustfully found in you.
Maybe one day I will see it and you will hear my song,
Or maybe I just got it all completely wrong.
I don’t believe it’s true, I wish I could just wake up with a new and perfect view
So easy to kill my soul because I was too afraid of the love I found in you.
You said I was an angel what do I do.
You tell me I am perfect but I don’t believe it’s true.
If my beauty was that grace why are you a million miles away looking into another woman’s face.
I don’t believe it’s true.
If it were why am I still not good enough for you.
Courage deep in me you see, fear and anxiety ridden. God will you please set me free.
The one I love walked away
Treasures in my heart lost me astray.
Why don’t I believe it’s true,
Why do I choose to walk away from you.
After all of these years why am I still questioning why I’m still in love with you.
I feel like a whore but to you I am so pure.
So magical it is to see the light in your eyes when you gaze at me.
So obvious it’s true why am I so damaged to accept it might be true, this love, the love I found in you.
You trusted me to show the way, I couldn’t provide , I ran away.
The light in Me is dimming, the vibrancy fading.
Maybe I never needed you. Maybe I just needed to believe what you said was really true.

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