Liberated from hell, Darkness now history

Passing lights took inventory of blocked mystery

Shaded shadows unlocked within my  soul

A blissful new chapter, my story now unfolds

I  see as time passes I  am haven safe

Quiet unspoken words return to grace beauty upon my face,

My  strength regained deep powerful trust

I will not cower down to your abusive disgust

I am strong in my wind with a battlefield team

Can’t touch me now my spoken words seen

The youth of us all has come to show

We are extremely strong as our little ones grow

Saviours of friends our roots begin to deepen

Can’t catch me now, never again will I beaten

I’ve told a thousand souls and listen to my muse

Mercy awaits while I alight this fuse

Got ridden, god forbid I ever follow your shoes

Deeply blessed I was that day I escaped you.

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