I had to change this page completely as the reason for me originally starting a blog I literally couldn’t stick with. It just wasn’t me I suppose. So basically my site is, in the easiest way possible for me to describe – Unpredictable.

I don’t plan what I am going to write, it just comes in moments, whatever it is that stands out or which I feel drawn to, that is when I write. I just love writing, always have. I remember being at school always enjoying writing. I never paid attention in class but was a master of knowing when to take notes. I took pride in just writing that much so that for the last 10-15mins of class, I would go around every letter of every word with colourful gel pens. I loved making my writing look beautiful. It was so therapeutic. I was eventually forced to stop it after a year when my school work didn’t match ‘the standards’. So basically when my pretty writing became my lessons priority, not the bullshit ‘sociology’ class that I chose to take as I thought it sounded good. Really not good at all. The only normal that there should be is in genuine happiness. Society does not dictate what is normal of you, you dictate it.




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