When the wind is curling And your heart is yearning Oh god please help me let go.   A feather in the wind Blinded by steam Oh where did the sunrise go.   To the heavens of storms You’re way up above And I’m finding it hard to Let go   Mountains of birds And […]

The black hole

My beliefs they’re a mirror for your lies, What hurts on the inside you utterly despise Take a look,  come closer,  no stop right there, Scared to go past that mark of beauty where the wreckage lies bare. Seen the outer layers, the traps, the chains, When you are too afraid to help the girl […]


Liberated from hell, Darkness now history Passing lights took inventory of blocked mystery Shaded shadows unlocked within my  soul A blissful new chapter, my story now unfolds I  see as time passes I  am haven safe Quiet unspoken words return to grace beauty upon my face, My  strength regained deep powerful trust I will not […]

Inner demon of love

I miss you every night whilst I cry myself to sleep, Longing to feel what you saw deep inside of me. Yearning your touch your sweet presence, A heart echoes my soul she calls. Why didn’t I believe it’s true, the love I lustfully found in you. Maybe one day I will see it and […]

anxiety…what a fucking joke.

When I look outside as I watch the rain pour something comforts me from within. Cold dampness on my jeans, musky air, white marks on my smudged made up face. What a great day to cry, to be unseen, to have a world so oblivious by the disastrous rain that nobody raises their head. It’s […]

Self growth whilst having ‘slip ups’

I am currently coming more into this expanded awareness now. Obviously it isn’t every second of every day but these changes have already started and the awareness with them too. Last Saturday morning i’d awoke in such a shaky state, felt panicky and fearful just proper shitty and negative. I went out for a few […]

writing helps

I’ve been through quite a bit of shit in my life. And the biggest part of me releasing all my past has been writing. Writing what I’ve felt during hard times and reliving that emotion has been strong, but also whilst writing or shortly after when my mind realises I’m not in that place any […]

I love you

  You’re beautiful as you are, your passion ignites happy chemicals in my brain. You’re projected only from within, break down those exterior barriers. You are the same love that is in God, you were made of pure diamonds. Your brothers, sisters and passers by, this purity lives in the souls of them too. Look […]

Twin Love

I don’t believe in ‘running’ or ‘chasing’ within the twin flame relationship. I trust that when someone leaves my life it is for the better good for BOTH included, and the chasing? I feel that’s more you feel as though you need this person to complete you because without them you are not whole, when […]