Self growth whilst having ‘slip ups’

I am currently coming more into this expanded awareness now. Obviously it isn’t every second of every day but these changes have already started and the awareness with them too. Last Saturday morning i’d awoke in such a shaky state, felt panicky and fearful just proper shitty and negative. I went out for a few […]

Twin Love

I don’t believe in ‘running’ or ‘chasing’ within the twin flame relationship. I trust that when someone leaves my life it is for the better good for BOTH included, and the chasing? I feel that’s more you feel as though you need this person to complete you because without them you are not whole, when […]

Breathless baby

When you feel your love from a distance. Telepathy sentient kisses from afar. My breath feels lighter, I can see your smile. My chubby cheeks blush as you gaze into my eyes. 97% of me knows this is real. I feel my hair compassionately touched. I know this is real, literally praying the remaining 3% […]

You are not the bad choices you make nor the nasty names you have been called.

Its ok to be wherever you are girls. You can always change your future.

Learning how to love and be happy for me

I just spent the past hour crying a river of tears. Until eventually I get up, I stand in front of and look into the mirror and say “im so sorry for all I have done to you, I love you so so much, I am SO sorry”. I find it so easy to get angry with the media […]