anxiety…what a fucking joke.

When I look outside as I watch the rain pour something comforts me from within. Cold dampness on my jeans, musky air, white marks on my smudged made up face. What a great day to cry, to be unseen, to have a world so oblivious by the disastrous rain that nobody raises their head. It’s […]

Twin Love

I don’t believe in ‘running’ or ‘chasing’ within the twin flame relationship. I trust that when someone leaves my life it is for the better good for BOTH included, and the chasing? I feel that’s more you feel as though you need this person to complete you because without them you are not whole, when […]

Breathless baby

When you feel your love from a distance. Telepathy sentient kisses from afar. My breath feels lighter, I can see your smile. My chubby cheeks blush as you gaze into my eyes. 97% of me knows this is real. I feel my hair compassionately touched. I know this is real, literally praying the remaining 3% […]

Escape the Matrix

I was watching a Wayne Dyer video a few weeks back, a gushing wave of love poured through me, eyes lighted up, cheeks become flushed from the sun beam smile. I sat up straight and said to my mum ‘I’m going to be alive for world peace, World Peace is going to happen in my […]

The Brightness within

The calm and stillness of being alone the quietness inside, my heart chakras drone. I allow the magic to resonate from a source so deep and true, I have faith in our world, that we can all achieve our passions through and through. Our souls shine bright which enable enlightenment of all truth on earth, […]

Go solo

Solo travel trips. Why I feel everybody should brave the strength inside of them and just do it. You get a chance to really observe others You see people, who they really are. Kind of like watching a play. Like the day back in Paris last year when I went for dinner at sunset, I […]

Expressing ourselves

6 am my day off and my mind knows this is ‘me time’ and assumes 5 hours sleep is plenty. Yawn! Two cups of caffeine fuel later after doing a little reading I find myself looking at learning books and getting an urge to maybe go shopping for a crazy new outfit I see in […]